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  Expert Witness Survey 2009

What is it that experienced expert witnesses most want to know about their colleagues? Well, how much they charge comes close to the top of the list! By taking part you can contribute to this snapshot of the expert witness world.

How much their colleagues charge is the question most frequently asked of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses Helpline by experts new to litigation work. And, of course, the Ministry of Justice and the Legal Services Commission may be interested too (see Capping fees paid to experts from the legal aid fund in the last e-wire)!

In my mind, there is no more useful way to satisfy this demand for information than to conduct regular surveys among the experts listed in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses and the wider expert witness community.

This year’s questionnaire focuses on an expert’s work as an expert witness, terms of engagement, conditions and charging rates, and the trends in volume of work. You can complete the survey on line, anonymously if you prefer. We will publish the results in the pages of Your Witness. You can read the reports from our previous expert witness surveys in the expert survey archive.



Issue 56
September 2009

CPR Statement of Truth is changing
Changes to CrimPR Part 33
Expert Witness Survey 2009

Current issue
April 2018

GDPR – The right to be forgotten and expert reports
GDPR – Processing of health data and expert reports
GDPR – The right to object to processing of personal data and expert reports
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