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The Little Books
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Join the premier source of vetted expert witnesses before the end of February and get a free copy of our Expert Witness Year Book

If you aren’t already listed, as the UK Register of Expert Witnesses celebrates 23 years of offering expert witnesses support, guidance and promotion, we’d love you to get the same benefits that thousands of experts already enjoy by welcoming you as a full member of the UK’s largest expert witness community. Recognising the tough economic times, we have come up with a money-saving offer that will save you £25.

How membership of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses can benefit you

  1. A directory listing gives you first-class marketing through the UK’s premier source of vetted expert witnesses. With market exposure in printed form, on CD-ROM and on-line, your entry will be in a register that meets the information preferences of all solicitors. And with our 3-year rolling programme of free distribution of the Register across 10,000 UK law practices, an ongoing investment in the Register offers you the best coverage of litigation practices in the UK – and the greatest chance of getting work through any expert witness directory. But we know that being in the Register can’t, on its own, guarantee that you get instructed – no directory can really promise that. Membership is simply an important part of a sensible marketing strategy. This inevitable limitation is why we created our free marketing service for experts.
  2. Our free marketing service brings you top self-help marketing tips direct to your in-box. If you do your bit and we do ours, the chances of you being instructed are increased – and at our prices (which are already highly competitive) even one instruction pays for several years’ membership.
  3. Questions inevitably arise in the work of an expert witness. When they do, you can call or email our dedicated member helpline. We’ve assisted thousands of experts over the years with queries as wide ranging as bad debt, VAT, audio recording of conversations and claiming train fares.
  4. The expert witness works in an increasingly complex regulatory environment. Whether you work in the civil, criminal or family arena, you can keep in touch with the developing legal and practical changes in the expert witness landscape by reading our various information feeds (e.g. our quarterly newsletter Your Witness, LittleBooks and e-wire). As the saying goes, fortune favours the prepared mind, and our information feeds make it very easy to be prepared.

Join at a cost of £140 + vat and save £25.00 on a valuable extra
Even without a special offer, our membership charges are already highly competitive. Indeed, just one instruction will likely pay for several years of Register membership. But, in these troubled economic times we want to make it even easier for you to see the benefits of rejoining the Register. So, when you join we’ll send you the Expert Witness Year Book (worth £25) free of charge. Packed with all the relevant rules and regulations for civil, family and criminal work, plus court addresses and much more, our Expert Witness Year Book has become an essential companion for many experts. For example, it contains the wordings of the three variants of the statement of truth, one of which every report should contain – but which one? As the Expert Witness Institute said of the Year Book ‘… the best ideas are the simplest, and here is a prime example’ – we couldn’t have put it better!

How to join
To join right now just visit our on-line application form or to talk through our range of services, please call David Haley on 01638 561590. He’ll be happy to help.



Issue 58
February 2010

New medical report format in RTA cases
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Get registered and get a free Year Book!

Current issue
June 2018

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Document retention policy
What is a reasonable time for document retention?
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