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  New Edition of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses

Free Expert Witness Year Book with edition 30 of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses

If you’re a registered expert with the UK Register of Expert Witnesses, this is to let you know that your draft entry paperwork for the new 30th edition of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses will be with you in early January 2017 for checking and authorisation. To ensure prompt attention to your entry, please return the documentation to us by the due date which, for this edition, is Friday 20 January.

Expert Witness Year Book 2017

The success of our annual Expert Witness Year Book has been most welcome. It has received lots of positive comments, such as:

‘I received my copy of the [Year Book] yesterday and have already made reference to it on four occasions. An excellent publication.’

‘I have just received the new Year Book and wanted to drop you a quick line [to say] great book’

‘The best ideas are the simplest and here is a prime example.’

Due to its popularity, we make a copy of the Expert Witness Year Book available free of charge to all experts who have an entry in the UK Register of Expert Witnesses. If you have been with the Register for a year or two you may have seen that our approach is different from that of other publishers. We aren’t out to make a fast buck. Instead, we want to build lasting relationships with experts and help where we can to ensure that expert evidence is used effectively in the pursuit of justice. Giving away this valuable aide memoire is just one more example of our approach to business. Merry Christmas!

Join now!

If you aren’t already listed with the UK Register of Expert Witnesses, now is a great time to join. Not only do you receive some first-class promotion of your availability as an expert witness, but you will also be joining the thousands of other experts who benefit from the support and guidance offered by the Register. Call Haley on (01638) 561590 to discuss the options, or visit to learn of the benefits.

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Issue 100
December 2016

State of forensic science
Forensic Science Regulator squeezing small providers
New Edition of the UK Register of Expert Witnesses

Current issue
March 2017

Bank of the Expert Witness - Part II
Whiplash update
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