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The latest from Your Witness Issue 87: Expert witnesses are busy people and have to juggle their available time as best they can. The courts, too, with increasingly overstretched resources, must endeavour to manage court time as efficiently as possible. But, what would you do if you found yourself warned for a whole 3 months! We consider the issue of trial windows, trial dates and how the witness summons can become a very blunt tool. Also inside this issue we report on an interesting side issue that arose in the Dr Squier case about whether disciplinary tribunals can refer to earlier trials in which the expert was criticised by the judge. Being instructed in a case when you have a connection with one of the parties needs to be handled with great care and openness. We discuss a recent case in which the expert fell down badly in this respect and stress the importance of early action to highlight any connection. It is a common enough experience for experts in the witness box to find the barrister ‘playing the man’ when they realise they have no way to undermine the evidence itself. It is, therefore, refreshing to hear that one judge, at least, has had more than enough of it.

Whiplash update The Government acts quickly to start cutting back on the 'compensation culture' (from eWire Issue 102, March, 2017)

Can the SJE meet with just one of the parties? Can a Single Joint Expert hold one-to-one meetings with a party to the litigation? (from eWire Issue 101, February, 2017)

Recommend a lawyer Do you have a favoured lawyer whom you would like to receive a printed Register? (from eWire Issue 102, March, 2017)

Get the basics right Expert evidence of little value if it fails to address the case (from eWire Issue 103, April, 2017)

Bank of the Expert Witness If you are contemplating offering lawyers end-of-case terms, what should you consider? (from eWire Issue 101, February, 2017)

Seeking directions Using the power to seek directions from the court to bring lawyers into line! (from eWire Issue 103, April, 2017)

Bank of the Expert Witness - Part II If you are contemplating offering lawyers end-of-case terms, what should you consider? (from eWire Issue 102, March, 2017)

CrimPR Statement of Truth One aspect of the model wording for the Statement of Truth in criminal cases is causing a bit of confusion (from eWire Issue 103, April, 2017)

Paying LiP service What should an expert do when a lawyer pulls out, creating a litigant in person part way through the case? (from eWire Issue 101, February, 2017)

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