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  Conference notices

Coming up soon: four conferences aimed squarely at expert witnesses

The autumn has traditionally been a busy time for expert witnesses who see value in attending conferences. But now these conferences seem to be spreading more evenly across the calendar and the country. This notice has offerings from four organisations. Basic details for each conference are given below, together with costs and links to further information, where available.

EWI Conference

  • Title: Accreditation and beyond
  • Date: 12 June 2009
  • Venue: Church House, Westminster, London
  • Cost: Members: £200.00; Non-members: £230.00
  • Click here for further details

Exeter Medico-Legal Society Conference

  • Title: Litigation and how to avoid it?
  • Date: 25 September 2009
  • Venue: Peter Chalk Centre, University of Exeter
  • Cost: Members: £125.00
  • Click here for further details

SEW Conference

  • Title: The Society of Expert Witness Autumn Conference 2009
  • Date: 16/17 October 2009
  • Venue: Mottram Hall, Cheshire

Bond Solon Conference

  • Title: The Annual Bond Solon Expert Witness Conference 2009
  • Date: 6 November 2009
  • Venue: Church House, Westminster, London
  • Cost: £253.00
  • Click here for further details



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May 2009

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Conference notices

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June 2018

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What is a reasonable time for document retention?
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