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  Efficient business: Part 3

In this final part, we look at the attributes of an effective use of IT and give pointers to further information

All the business management information you need can be captured and handled within commonly available office spreadsheet software.

  • Aim to capture the data as it comes in.

  • Keep detailed time records for each consultation, e.g. every telephone call received and made (whether or not answered), every written and answered e-mail or letter, every meeting.

  • Note all expenses (potential disbursements) in detail, e.g. photocopying, travel, etc.

  • Keep tabs on the paperwork generated in a case – What has been completed? What has been sent, and to whom? What are you waiting for?

Use these records to automate invoicing and credit control systems.

If you need help with any of the above, we do offer a bespoke consultation service to help expert witnesses create the right systems to optimise their office procedures. Just call us on (01638) 561590 to discuss this option.

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Issue 62
August 2010

Cracking brinkmanship
Efficient business: Part 3
Conference notices

Current issue
June 2018

Is your spare room filling up?
Document retention policy
What is a reasonable time for document retention?
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