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Tackle bad and ugly expert evidence and hear from the senior judiciary at these autumn conferences

If you get your skates on, you can still book a place at the Society of Expert Witnesses Autumn Conference 2011. Every expert will have sensed the satisfaction in seeing the correct interpretation of his opinion by lawyer, judge or jury and, just as much, the frustration that follows a hostile and seemingly perverse cross-examination when, having completed our evidence, we hear it being presented in a distorted and misleading manner. Worse yet, the disastrous effects of frankly bad expert opinion, whether unwittingly given or otherwise. These, then, are the good, bad and ugly faces of expert evidence. The Society autumn conference sets out to deal with them by a combination of keynote lectures by eminent speakers and exemplary case presentations by members, drawn from the accumulated experience of numerous instructions over many years.

This year the annual Expert Witness Institute conference welcomes as its keynote speaker one of the UK’s most senior and influential judges: the Head of the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal, The Right Honourable Lord Neuberger, Master of the Rolls. His is a strong and outspoken voice on the justice system, and his views and decisions have a major influence on matters affecting expert witnesses. The programme will also look at the effect of the loss of immunity for expert witnesses following the decision in Jones -v- Kaney.

The 17th Annual Bond Solon Expert Witness Conference welcomes The Right Honourable Lord Justice Jackson, who is giving the keynote address on his attempts to grasp control of costs in civil litigation. There are also contributions from Roger Ter Haar QC on the end of expert witness immunity and from Professor David Ormerod on the final version of the Law Commission’s report on the admissibility and reliability of expert evidence in criminal cases.

Society of Expert Witnesses Autumn Conference 2011

  • Date: 23 September 2011
  • Venue: Kenwood Hall, Sheffield
  • Cost: £115.00 for SEW members* (£160 otherwise)
  • Click here for further details

* We have negotiated for UK Register of Expert Witnesses members to qualify for the membership rate at the Society conference.

Expert Witness Insitute Annual Conference 2011

  • Date: 5 October 2011
  • Venue: The Church House Conference Centre, Westminster
  • Cost: £210.00 for EWI members (£240 otherwise)
  • Click here for further details

Bond Solon Annual Expert Witness Conference 2011

  • Date: 11 November 2011
  • Venue: The Church House Conference Centre, Westminster
  • Cost: £235.00 + VAT
  • Click here for further details

The UK Register of Expert Witnesses will be at all these events. If you visit our stand, we have free copies of the Expert Witness Year Book 2011 to give away!



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September 2011

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Expert fees in publicy funded cases

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June 2018

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