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  All new CPR Experts Protocol

The Civil Justice Council has published a new version of its Experts Protocol, annexed to the Civil Procedure Rules Part 35 Practice Direction

The Civil Justice Council has published a comprehensive rewrite of its Experts Protocol. Entitled ‘Guidance for the instruction of experts to give evidence in civil claims 2012’, the stated purpose of this guidance is ‘to assist litigants, those instructing experts and experts in understanding best practice with regard to compliance with Part 35 of the Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) and the overriding objective’.

This rewite was undertaken by a working party with the following membership:

  • John Pickering, Chair
  • Mark Harvey – Council Member, solicitor and claimant representative
  • Simon Margolis – Chief Executive of Premex - a leading medical reporting agency
  • Dr Jan Wise – Medical Expert and BMA member
  • Simon Cuerden – Forensic Accountant at Deloitte
  • John Gosling – Solicitor – Commercial Litigator at Addleshaws
  • District Judge Robert Jordan – Former Council Member

You can use the following link to access the new guidance:

We will publish a detailed analysis of the new protocol in the next issue of Your Witness.



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July 2012

All new CPR Experts Protocol
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June 2018

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