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Little Books
The Little Books
We have learnt the lessons from the mistakes of others, now you can learn them too!

Expert Witness
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The Expert Witness Year Book
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Expert Witness Surveys
... taking the pulse of the expert witness community.

The Register brings together the largest community of expert witnesses in the UK. Since 1995, we have tapped into this community, through our survey work, both to build up a body of statistics that reveal changes over time and to gather data on areas of specific and topical interest.

Bi-annual expert witness surveys
The backbone of our survey work is our bi-annual surveys. By gathering data on areas such as instruction rates, changes in types of work and expert fees, these surveys provide a snapshot of the current state of expert witness practice. When taken as a series, beginning in 1995, these surveys provide the very best source of intelligence on the changing nature of expert witness work.

This series of surveys proved invaluable in late 2004 when it gave us the ability to counter some of the more extravagant figures produced by others (who ought to have known better) which had been adopted by the Legal Services Commission in their consultation paper on the Use of Experts. The bi-annual surveys allowed us to push the ‘Establishment’ to present accurate data.

Topical surveys
From time to time we seek the views of expert witnesses in the Register on the ‘hot topics’ of the day. We have run surveys on such issues as:

  • Regulation of expert witnesses
  • SJE work in practice
  • The LSC Consultation on the Use of Experts
  • The CJC Experts Forum on the accreditation of experts
  • Sir Roy Meadow: villain or scapegoat?

Results of the surveys
Reports based on the various surveys are made freely available to experts listed in the Register. Take me there...

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