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The team

Dr Chris Pamplin, Editor

Chris is Editor of the and founding partner of J S Publications. He is responsible for the application of IT to the company's data management needs, including database design, construction and output, and on-line and static product development. Chris also writes editorial for Your Witness, the well-respected quarterly newsletter of the , and is intimately involved in all aspects of sales, marketing and product management.

As an IT consultant, he has worked on European-funded projects for government bodies investigating the role of IT in data collection, collation and management, and has designed and implemented projects for data capture and display.

Dr Susanne White

Involved in the company since its formation in 1988, Susanne’s role has evolved to include product development and marketing, quality assurance, copy writing and editing, and indexing. She is now a partner in the company, taking ultimate responsibility for the quality of output of our published material – from company literature, press releases and sales letters, to our on-line and printed products.

Using her background in earth science to aid interpretation, Susanne also uses her skills with graphics packages to draft geological (and other) figures for government agencies and university departments.

Haley Jones

Haley manages our administration and customer service departments. It is Haley's job to ensure we meet the high standards we set ourselves and to forge good working relationships with experts and lawyers to maintain and improve our professional reputation.

Philip Owen

Philip is our staff writer. He researches and writes articles for Your Witness, analyses the results of our expert surveys, attends expert witness conferences on our behalf, compiles new factsheets and maintains the accuracy of our current factsheets.

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