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The Little Books
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The Expert Witness Year Book
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UK Register of Expert Witnesses Acceptable Usage Policy

Use of the system is conditional on your acceptance of this statement of acceptable usage. We have drafted this policy in very simple terms to help avoid any misunderstanding. Any breach of this acceptable usage policy will result in withdrawal of the service and possible legal action for breach of copyright.

Acceptable use
The is designed only as a means of allowing those who need to instruct experts for the purpose of obtaining advice to identify suitable experts. No other use is permitted.

Unacceptable use
Examples of unacceptable use include, but are not limted to, the following:

  • Conducting market research
  • Selling to experts
  • Dissemination of information
  • Compiling lists
If you are in any doubt about what the can be used for, please check with J S Publications first to avoid the risk of having this valuable service withdrawn.

Use of this service implies your agreement to our Acceptable Usage Policy

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